3D Blu-ray Ripper

When special software built for the blu-ray player, usually what is backed up is a variety of multimedia files and documents in general. The movies, soap operas that have many series, variety shows, and much more. Generally, what you will get is the right impressions stored as an event, or get a clearer picture and more clearly than the original impressions. There has never been a piece of software for blu-ray that creates another dimension to the impressions that have been recorded by the player. Indeed, there is additional installation of software to make the impression which there is a 3D content. But it was purchased separately, thus requiring an additional fee. And worse, the two softwares which installed in blu-player are not necessarily compatible and can work well together. And it is recommended for users of the blu-ray player, not to install two pieces of software that has the potential to ‘bump’ at the same time.

3D Blu-ray Ripper, which is also a software that is compatible with many gadgets, comes with exclusive features and advantages, will simplify your work and provides an amazing experience, because it can manage the Blu-ray 3D for 3D video conversion. Output file will be AVI, MP4, WMV, MKV, M2TS, or TS and can be played on your Mac, 3D TVs, and even in various smartphones like: HTC EVO 3D, Sharp Aquos SH-12C 3D, and 3D Optimus LG P920 with a “device 3D “conversion mode.

As well as a 3D television, 3D process provided by this software is more focused on the performance of each eye. The output can be two separate file as the one for the right eye and one for the left eye. It also became compatible software because it can work well with all kinds of Blu-ray 3D, which was includes the left / right (side-by-side), and up / down to meet the different needs of different display devices.

Even up to the video frame size that you can customize, are available here. video frame size can be full (100%), or half (50%) with very good effect and minor damage can be completely ignored. and also can be output with 14 modes such as anaglyph Red / cyan, green / magenta, Amber / blue, red / green, and Red / blue (monochrome / color half / full color / Dubois high quality).

Another special feature is that you can set video and audio formats. Meaning, you can set the bit rate, frame resolution, aspect ratio, frame rate and more for video formats, and bit rate, channel and volume for audio. No longer found imbalance between the clarity of sound with the video.

When you use a 3D Blu-ray Ripper, then you will be stunned by the speed that it provides. It supports batch conversion and multi-core CPUs to get extremely fast processing speed. Another thing that adds to aggravation when burning a CD or DVD is a slow shutdown after burning. 3D Blu-ray Ripper has the system auto shutdown, auto shutdown which was when the function is used, and then your computer will automatically shut down after the conversion is completed.

If you need a blu-ray 3D, Blu-ray 3D Ripper became a priority recommendation for you to use. The burning CDs and DVDs become much easier and more efficient a leads to growing your satisfaction.


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